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 Astral Projection

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PostSubject: Astral Projection   Mon Jan 05, 2015 11:07 pm

Greetings Every One! I have been very interested in astral projection for a while and I know a lot of other peoples are. I wrote this article and would be very interested in what you all had to say about it.

"What is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection is projecting your astral body/ energetic body/ spirit body or spirit into the Astral plane. It is literally projecting yourself out of your physical body into another dimension.

The Astral plane exists in the fourth and fifth dimensions. The astral hologram is an overlay on the physical world. You can see the same house as you do in the physical. You can see the same people as you do in the physical. You can see the physical plane and the astral plane together as one.

There less limitations in the astral world. Gravity does not exist which makes it possible to fly. You don’t need to breath. You can travel outside of Earth and visit other solar systems, other planets, other galaxies.

1.) Project yourself into it with intention and thought.
2.) Wake up in a dream.
3.) Have a near death experience where your spirit shoots out of the physical body.
4.) Death

The first one may be the most difficult for the most people. It can take a lot of time, practice and diligence to successfully astral project. In order to project yourself, you have to completely detach and let go of the physical body. Your physical body falls asleep during this process.

Some techniques that will help are to stretch and meditate before you attempt to project. When you meditate, focus and each specific body part for a few moments and let go of any stress or tension in that area. I like to start with the feet and move up. The body parts can look like this:

1.) Feet/ Toes
3.) Calfs/ Shins
4.) Knees *****Knees are often overlooked!
5.) Upper Thighs
6.) Hips/ Groin/ Buttocks
7.) Lower Back/ Naval
8.) Midsection of back and front
9.) Chest/ Shoulders/ Upper Back
10.) Triceps/ Biceps
11.) Forearms
12.) Wrists
13.) Hands/ Fingers
14.) Neck
15.) Face/ Head

You can squeeze each specific muscle as tightly as you can and hold for a few seconds and then release. You may feel tension in a spot you haven’t noticed relaxing. This also cleanses and clear and aligns your chakras.

Once your entire body is relaxed, you can visualize yourself moving your spirit body/ astral body around. Kick your astral legs. Move your astral hands and arms around. This is done without moving your physical body. The idea is to let go of the physical body and senses completely.

Your physical body eventually becomes numb and a floating sensation will overtake you. Once this happens, you are connected only with your astral body. You can sit up using your astral body to get out of the physical body. You can see yourself floating upwards to leave your body. Or you can roll over and get up out of your physical body.

Astral projection is an excellent tool for your spiritual development. You can check your status on your path. You can speak with angelic guides or ascended masters. You can also use it for adventure and travel to distant galaxies.

This one may be the easier path to take. However, one draw back is that you will have a difficult time remembering your projection once you wake up. A good technique to help remember is to use a dream journal and get in the habit of waking up and remembering your dream.

Once you realize that you are dreaming and gain control of what happens that is when you can astral project. To achieve this, stop what ever you are doing in the dream and jump with the intention of flying. When you begin to fly, ask to be taken to meet a spiritual guide of yours, or whatever you intend to do during an astral projection.

Here are some techniques to make it easier to wake up in a dream:
1.) Constantly ask yourself, Where am I? Am I Dreaming? Where am I? Am I Dreaming?
2.) Flick a light on and off right before and right after sleeping. If you flick a light in a dream and nothing happens, you know you’re in a dream.
3.) Make it a habit to look at your hands and the clock. In a dream, your hands will melt or look different and a clock will look like matrix code.
4.) Pull your finger throughout the day. If it stretches, your in a dream.

When you have a near death experience, you may connect with a higher source than yourself. You may feel limitless, or as if you are everything and everything is you. You may become one with a light, which is the creator’s light. You may even find yourself traveling to meet angles, guides or other higher intelligent beings.

When you do find yourself in a form, flying or traveling to meet with other beings, that is you astral projecting out of your body.

What happens is your physical body literally thinks it has died and so your spirit detaches from it. When your ego and physical body realize that it’s still alive, you will begin to come back to your body.

I would suggest NOT putting yourself in a position of having a near death experiencing for the sake of astral traveling.

When you die, your spiritual body/ astral body will leave your physical body which has a broken circuit and will no longer work. You will not be going back to that same physical body again. Your spirit may choose to reincarnate on Earth again for some higher purpose, or you may travel around in the fourth and fifth dimensions, or you may be traveling to even higher dimensional planes.

Again, I would NOT suggest you use this method, as you are here on Earth for a specific reason/ mission and Death will come naturally."

What are your thoughts?
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Babananda Christensen

PostSubject: Re: Astral Projection   Tue Jan 27, 2015 7:14 pm

Greetings to all whom are reading this, my name is Babananda Christensen. I am excited to share some of my perspective as well as experiences exploring the Astral Plane. I would first like to share a bit about how I define and interpret what the Astral Plane is to me so that when explaining some of my experiences you will better be able to understand what it is I am expressing. I have learned in my personal experiences that there is a Astral Plane and Etheric Plane and both represent entirely different levels of consciousness and their purpose in general. My Guides have helped me to see the value and importance of the Astral vs. the Etheric, and through my many experiences this has been validated in countless ways. I define the Astral Plane as a level of Unconscious built upon human miscreations, as which may even be better described as the sub-conscious mind (Hell if you will) and how it can manifest into a reality. The Etheric Plane is what I refer to as the Absolute (Heaven) which is Source Consciousness, where the 5th dimension begins extending into all Dimensions. I feel this is important to cover as there is such a great deal of information available yet so much confusion.

I speak to you of my personal experiences through waking consciousness in which I am and always have been aware and present. I have done so through meditation and not through the dream state, and I feel this is of great importance for it has allowed me to be clear and concise about what I experienced and how I was able to translate and even to define each experience itself. I have went through numerous training scenarios in which I worked with many streams of consciousness so that I could fully understand discernment, and of course how to explore the higher threadings of consciousness. I am able to project my consciousness outside of my physical body yet still be very present, this has been explained as "astral projection" but myself along with my Guides do not wish it to be conveyed or presented in such a manner. I like to simply define this as Multi-Dimensional expression where you can literally exist in multiple dimensions all at once and still be present in each of them for these higher threadings of Dimensions defy all laws of physics which of course refers to linear space and time. I continue to work with the Ascended Masters along with all Angelic Orders to reach the level of clarity in which I am able to express from.

It is my desire and intention to now offer a new perspective to this subject matter, and of course share any and all of my experiences for a point of reference. I will leave this reply in a brief manner so as to further build and reflect on what wishes to come through for the days to come. I am a open book on this subject and I have much to share. Thank you for this opportunity to Co-Create, as we takes these next steps into the Golden Age of Light.
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PostSubject: Re: Astral Projection   Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:46 am

Thank you for sharing your perspective on the subject Babananda!
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PostSubject: Re: Astral Projection   

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Astral Projection
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