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 Space Sapiens

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PostSubject: Space Sapiens    Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:44 pm

The Year is 4113.  Human civilization has evolved into one of intelligence, peace, love and unity.  How they got there in such a short time after their World War 3 is beyond any understanding short of God's intelligence.  


During the beginning of 3000, they were advanced enough to create machines, spaceships, that could create wormholes.  The wormholes allowed them to travel to distant galaxies.  For some unknown reason, they decided not to explore more of their own galaxy and instead the first galaxy they went to was Andromeda.  There the humans found many planets with many civilizations on them.  The humans were shocked at first.  But after a few hundred years, they began to easily accept the fact that there were millions of other highly advanced civilizations in Andromeda alone.  They must have been extremely humbled to learn that more often than not, the civilizations were far more advanced than they on Earth.

During the years of 3500-3900, they were able to travel to much farther galaxies than Andromeda (2 Light Years from Earth).  NGC 300 (7 Light Years from Earth) was their next destination.  NGC 300 they began to call Sartheus.  The information behind this name is incomplete, but many speculate that the first ship to make it to NGC 300 was Captained by a woman they called Sarthia.  

In Sartheus they found plenty of friendly civilizations.  The humans began to colonize on a planet near the middle of the galaxy called Gaertha.  This was a planet very similar to Earth.  Gaertha was only 2.5 times bigger than the Earth and it was near what they called the "Habitable Zone" or HZ for short.  The temperature was a constant 60 degrees celsius.  

On Gaertha, the humans learned from many of the highly intelligent civilizations that had already lived on Gaertha for 3 million years.  They taught humans about their own galaxy.  Such topics as what minerals and chemicals made up the galaxy, how it was formed, what other civilizations lived in the galaxy, their own wormhole technology and other subjects the Gaerthians had learned in 3 million years.  

Near the end of 3900, a few hundred thousand humans decided to stay in Sartheus and around 50,000 decided to keep exploring further into space.  The next galaxy they entered was K-62e (1199 Light Years from Earth).  They began to call this galaxy Kerfolaria.  It was named after their first encounter with the intelligent beings that called K-62e home.  The beings called themselves Kerfols.  Meaning, "Tread Carefully".  

They were the first civilization with rules and guidelines for any that enter into their borders.  Many of the rules were confusing to the humans.  Flying around the galaxy 3 times was a crime punishable by death.  Carrying more than 200,000 passengers on a ship at one time was forbidden.  The last one they were told was that no human was allowed to mate with any of the Kerfols.  


The humans now have civilizations in Andromeda, Sartheus, The Milky Way and Kerfolaria.  The last they have been there now for 193 years.  What you read after this will be first hand accounts of individual humans who have decided to live in one of these 4 places.  These are their experiences in their own words.
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Space Sapiens
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